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Crowd for Angels update: How are we doing?

It has been two weeks since we first launched our pitch on Crowd for Angels and as of the 15th August 2017, we have raised £5,634 from multiple investors! Thank you! After a copious amount of preparation to set up our pitch, this has been a great start to our journey and we are excited to see future progress.

The Vacuderm for Kids has been designed to ease the procedure of cannulation, allowing for a more comfortable experience for the child involved. The playful designs encourage children to interact with the tourniquet through pumping the vacuum-filled dome to distend the vein, which also acts as a distractor element from the procedure itself.

The Vacuderm and Vacuderm for Kids are both anticipated to become valuable additions to the medical device market, an industry which in the UK is the third largest in Europe with a market size of $9.5 billion (USD) market size. The global medical device market is expected to reach $343 billion by 2021, with growth forecast at 5% per annum from 2016 to 2021 (Lucintel, September 2016).

Following the launch of our Crowd for Angels pitch, the Vacuderm and Vacuderm for Kids have been featured on the BBC News to raise awareness of the problem of difficult cannulation for both patient and practitioner involved.

You can view our video pitch below:

Potential investors can visit the full pitch on the Crowd for Angels website by following this link.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article,

The Olberon Team

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