Up to 50% of cannulations performed on children fail.

The Vacuderm™ for Kids has been designed to ease the procedure of inserting a needle into a vein for children, allowing them to have a more comfortable experience with cannulation and phlebotomy.

​As a medical innovation company, we hope to ease the process of venous access within children with the introduction of our latest innovation, the Vacuderm™ for Kids.


Interviews conducted by Olberon suggest practitioners would encourage the device to be used on children as the tourniquet has an incorporated dome to pump, helping to make a smaller vein bigger and ultimately reducing the number of attempts at cannulation.


Using child friendly interactive designs would make the process less daunting and traumatic, and the child could be distracted by assisting in pumping the dome, adding a dimension for the child to be more involved in the procedure.

Introducing the...

...for kids

Cannulating a child is problematic and can often require several medical staff members with multiple attempts. ​These procedures can be traumatic for patient, practitioner and carers alike.


  • It has been designed for the child to ‘assist’ the procedure through pumping the dome as a distractor element (Distraction Therapy) of the cannulation procedure.

  • The Vacuderm™ can be used on every child and has been developed based on practitioner experience and feedback on venous access.


  • Features ‘Turtle’ & ‘Hedgehog’ designs. We are looking to expand on the designs available with child friendly characters and figures.

  • Ultimately relieves time resource of the practitioner and improves the child’s experience. It is pain saving, cost saving, time saving and face saving with a quick release disposable tourniquet.

Click here to see our Vacuderm™ for kids brochure.

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