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Investor relations

Shareholders, distributors, corporate disruptive technology scouts and clinicians. We are interested in hearing from you!

Olberon’s business model is based on innovative medical devices which are designed to address defined medical needs. 

All of Olberon's medical innovations are intellectually protected and commercially ready. We are currently working in the field of venous access as well as diagnostic devices.

On top of our current products (Vacuderm™ in venous access and Otorhinoscope™ in ear and nose examination and diagnostic), our R&D pipeline addresses new areas of interest, in which we file new patents every year.

Innovative Biopsy Needle and Self Retracting Cannula

We are currently looking for partners and investors for the Biopsy Needle and the Self Retracting Cannula, to collaborate with during the design phase for manufacture with a view to subsequent partnership on manufacture and marketing.


We are interested in hearing from distributors worldwide for all devices.  Please contact us today to find out more about our unique medical innovations!


We are looking for shareholders to come on board to assist Olberon commercialise their medical device product portfolio. We have EIS Certification and a strong patented product portfolio. 

Looking to invest or become a distributor? Contact us below: 

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