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Olberon Medical Innovations

Olberon was set up in 2005 in the UK and have accomplished a strong portfolio of in-house patented medical innovations, two medical devices that are market ready from concept to commercialisation, as well as offering consultancy services to both the NHS and the wider medical device market.

The goal is and has always been to develop and commercialise innovative medical device concepts that originate from direct experience of patient care. With this approach, Olberon are able to design truly useful medical innovations that improve efficiency for the practitioner, provide a better experience for the patient with simple easy-to-use designs that aid existing medical procedures and reduce costs to the NHS and other healthcare authorities with improved medical device innovations.

All Olberon products share the same features, linked to their ergonomics and design:


  • Easy to use designs that do not alter, but aid existing medical procedures

  • Innovations with both patient and practitioner at the heart of developments

  • More efficiency with the practitioner and less pain for the patient


Aims and Objectives

Olberon is now in a phase of commercialisation and aims to promote and appoint European and International distributors for our growing portfolio of differentiating medical devices. With this in mind we are actively involved in showcasing our product range and will be attending training, and other medical device related events and exhibitions in order to build awareness and gain feedback from medical professionals on our devices.


Please see our blog for updates on events.

Meet the team

Arash Bakhtyari Olberon

Dr. Arash Bakhtyari



Arash has experience in NHS (as a consultant radiologist) and is also a certified specialist in pharmaceutical medicine, with over 6 years’ experience in the commercial sector, having worked in senior medical posts in both contract research organisations and a multinational pharmaceutical company. Arash is the innovator behind Olberon’s medical devices.

Steve Thomason
Managing Director/Sales and Marketing


Natassia Figuero Rico
Marketing Executive

James Armstrong
Business Development Advisor/Shareholder

Shadi Bakhtyari
Marketing & Media Manager

Dr. John Altrip
Medical & Scientific



Sarah Phillips
MD of VeinTrain and

Head of Training

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