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Olberon Ltd, a medical device innovation company based in Nottingham, working with its commercial partner ASep Healthcare Limited, has negotiated exclusive distribution rights in the UK and Ireland with Independence Products Ltd of Nottingham to win the first UK orders for its Vacuderm™ and Vacuderm for Kids™ tourniquet products.

Commenting on the appointments, Dr Arash Bakhtyari, CEO of Olberon Ltd said “We are delighted to work with ASep and Independence products. ASep’s knowledge and experience of the tourniquet market and access into the NHS Supply Chain was a significant factor in our decision to appoint them as part of the Olberon’s global distribution network. Independence Products have an outstanding reputation for selling medical devices successfully into hospitals and clinics in the UK with a formidable sales team. We look forward to working alongside both companies in the future and hopefully developing the partnerships.”

The Vacuderm™, is a single-use tourniquet for difficult to reach veins with a unique suction and pump mechanism to aid further filling of the veins. It has been designed to aid intravenous needle insertion for cannulation, drug delivery and blood collection. A version for children has recently being developed to distract each child at cannulation and to encourage them to ‘assist’ the procedure by pumping the dome.

Peter Stockley, Managing Director at Independence Products Ltd replied on behalf of his company, “We are delighted to be working alongside Olberon Limited to bring the Vacuderm TM Smart Tourniquet to market within the UK. Failed cannulation attempts are a significant clinical and financial burden to the NHS and are traumatic for both the patient and the practitioner. Each failed attempt increases the risk of infection. We believe the Vacuderm TM Smart Tourniquet will complement existing practices and will significantly improve the cannulation experience for both patient and practitioner.”

Charles Giblin, Sales Director at ASep Healthcare Ltd added “We love this product and rate it very highly for both nurses and doctors for cannulation of patients with difficult to access veins. It should be an essential component in hospitals and clinics to improve the success rate of first attempt venous access, keeping anxiety and stress to a minimum for both patients and clinicians, and reducing wastage, cost and time for the hospitals.”

Olberon Ltd was set up in 2005 in the UK and has accomplished a strong portfolio of in- house patented medical innovations, two medical devices that are market ready from concept to commercialisation, as well as offering consultancy services to both the NHS and the wider medical device market.

Independence Products Ltd is an established UK supplier of medical devices designed to improve the quality of life of patients with chronic medical conditions. Independence Products was established in 2006 by Peter Stockley and Andrew Leese who each have over 30 years’ experience in the medical device industry.

ASep Healthcare Ltd’s goal is to make blood collection simpler, intuitive and stress-free for caregivers and patients. This led to the development of the award-winning, single-use tournistrip ® , the only single use tourniquet clinically evaluated by ANTT to promote a safe aseptic technique and reduce the risk of cross infection.



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