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Olberon launch JUST GIVING page to help raise funds for the Children’s Vacuderm™

We are looking to raise funds to produce the Vacuderm™ for kids, a smart tourniquet to help reduce trauma experienced by children having a needle inserted into their vein for medical procedures.

Up to 50% of the time practitioners fail in positioning the needle. This is due to many factors: Very small veins, kids can be nervous and scared with unpredictable behaviour when presented with a needle, the child may be undergoing treatment that has made their veins difficult to access e.g. chemotherapy, other long term treatments.

Olberon Ltd has developed a quick release disposable tourniquet to ease the procedure of inserting a needle into the vein for children, allowing them to have a more comfortable experience with cannulation and phlebotomy.

The Vacuderm™ smart tourniquet incorporates a dome to be pumped which the child can assist with to distract them, helping to make a smaller vein bigger and ultimately reducing the number of attempts at cannulation. The device is planned to be available with ‘Turtle’ & ‘Ladybird’ designs.

Visit our new Vacuderm for kids page here.

To become a supporter and help us reduce child trauma for medical procedures, please donate by visiting our Just Giving page.

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