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Olberon donate smart tourniquets to African hospitals

Nottingham medical device company, Olberon Ltd, has donated hundreds of their innovative Vacuderm Smart Tourniquets to help patients with difficult veins, to hospitals throughout Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

Dr Arash Bakhtyari, R&D director at Olberon, explained “These unique tourniquets, called ‘Vacuderm’, are smart tourniquets designed to increase the size of the vein for difficult cannulations, which comprises approximately 30% of difficult cannulation cases. We were approached by Pulse Healthcare in Kenya who informed us that many nurses had issues with finding patients veins for cannulation and drug delivery procedures, (finding a vein is particularly difficult if you have dark skin) and due to limited financial resources could not afford expensive devices to try for help, plus standard tourniquets on the market do not inflate the veins sufficiently.”

The Vacuderm Smart Tourniquet has been developed by Nottingham radiologist Dr Arash Bakhtyari, after experiencing for himself and from colleagues, the difficulty in finding good veins for cannulation and drug delivery procedures across a large number of patients, some being cannulated multiple times unsuccessfully. The Single-patient tourniquet has a unique suction and pump mechanism to aid further filling of the veins to increase the success rate of first attempt in venous access.

If you are experiencing issues with finding good veins and would like to try the Vacuderm for yourself, please contact Olberon direct at or call 0115 802 2025.


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