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Olberon's novel products attracting interest from around the world

Nottingham medical device company, Olberon Ltd, are experiencing significant interest for its existing and pipeline products despite the COVID 19 pandemic.

The company, founded by Dr Arash Bakhtyari, a Nottingham Radiologist, develop and commercialise innovative medical device concepts that originate from direct experience of patient care.

Dr Bakhtyari explained “This year is fast becoming a major milestone in the company’s history. We have manufacturing deals completed in the UK for our novel tourniquets, and distribution agreements signed or at an advanced stage of agreement with commercial partners across the globe for all three tourniquets, each with substantial market opportunity and good returns.

“Olberon have also invested a considerable amount of resources over the last few years into three of our innovative pipeline products. We are currently talking to a variety of different commercial partners for manufacturing and licensing globally and hope to have concluded partnerships before the end of this year. The unique devices include a novel safety phlebotomy holder, a self-retracting cannula and a vibrating biopsy needle.”

The future is looking very promising, not just for Olberon, but for those who partner with them. If you would like to know more about investing or partnering commercially with Olberon, please contact Dr Bakhtyari direct at or or call 0115 802 2025.

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