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Study reveals children love the new Vacuderm for Kids

A recent evaluation study at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh produced some very encouraging results for a new smart tourniquet/vein inflator for children from Olberon Ltd, a Nottingham based medical device company.

The study involved 20 children aged between 4 and 16, each with varying illnesses and looked at the improved experience of having a needle/cannula inserted for the child when using the Vacuderm for Kids smart tourniquet/vein inflator, as well as the impact the device had on distracting the child and for the clinician achieving a successful cannulation.

95% of cannulations were completed successfully using the Vacuderm for Kids.

90% of the children liked the turtle design of the Vacuderm for Kids and all of them enjoyed the hidden card game that came with it.

85% of children prefer the Vacuderm for Kids compared to a standard tourniquet and thought the experience was better.

All clinicians found the procedure very easy, or easy and that using the Vacuderm for Kids improved preparing the vein for cannulation in a majority of cases.

All clinicians also thought the Vacuderm for Kids improved the experience overall.

The evaluations were completed by three experienced radiographers at the Edinburgh hospital over a two-month period at the end of 2020. Some of the clinician’s comments included. “1st attempt successful”. “1st attempt vein held nicely, this patient also really liked the game, she said it helped a lot.” “Brought the vein up nicely after pumping.” “Helped find vein quicker.” “More comfortable for the patient than a standard tourniquet.”

The Vacuderm for Kids smart tourniquet/vein inflator has been developed for children with difficult to reach veins (up to 50% of cases) and incorporates a unique distraction element. The child is encouraged to pump the dome part of the device to make the process less daunting and traumatic and is rewarded by being given a play card to complete afterwards.

Arash Bakhtyari at Olberon added, “The Vacuderm for Kids has been designed as part of a toolkit to aid intravenous needle insertion for cannulation, drug delivery and blood collection. Often cannulation can be a difficult and traumatic experience for the child and the operator. We designed the Vacuderm for Kids to offer increased venous distention to aid in the cannulation process and to make it a less problematic experience for the child and the operator. We have also included a distraction element in the form of a card game (hidden pictures) so each child can be kept engaged and distracted from the procedure, if thought appropriate by the practitioner.”

If you are a clinician involved with cannulation, drug delivery or blood collection with children and would like some free samples of the Vacuderm for Kids, please contact Olberon at or call 0115 802 2025.


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