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How to simplify ear and nose examinations

Traditionally, ear and nose examinations require two devices, an Otoscope for the ear and either a Rhinoscope, Nasoscope or Auriscope. Each of these devices also has a variety of different sized disposable specula.

Dr Arash Bakhtyari of Olberon Medical Innovations, a medical doctor, identified the need for one device and one disposable specula per patient. The answer - the Otorhinoscope. Developed in conjunction with other medical doctors, this dual-purpose, hand-held device with in-built light, is easy-to-use and has a unique spreadable speculum that improves pathology detection and minimises potential infection control issues.

If you would like to try this unique dual-purpose device for yourself at £50 + VAT and delivery and with 10 free spreadable specula. Please email or telephone 0115 802 2025.

10 reasons to switch to the Otorhinoscope…

  1. Replaces the requirement for a separate Otoscope or Rhinoscope for examination of the ear and nose.

  2. A simple operation and easy-to-use. Equally suitable for GPs, ENT specialists and emergency department staff.

  3. Value for money. One spreadable speculum per patient. No need for multiple instruments.

  4. Increased hygiene. The patented speculum is disposable, removing the need for sterilisation and minimising the potential infection control issues associated with traditional scopes for ear and nasal examination.

  5. Improved pathology detection and cure. The spreadable speculum allows monitored dilation of the aural and nasal passages for inserting instruments through (Very helpful for implanting hearing aids).

  6. Built-in dimmable LED light with automatic shut-off for a clear view of nasal and ear passages.

  7. A built-in and adjustable magnifying lens to aid inspection.

  8. Better comfort and less pain for patients.

  9. Provides greater efficiency for the practitioner.

  10. The Otorhinoscope has a robust alloy body and comes with a 5-year warranty.

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