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The Vacuderm: the solution to difficult cannulations

Difficulty in cannulation is a common problem* occurring approximately on 30% of occasions when cannulation is attempted. This can create a traumatic experience and stress for patients and practitioners.

Olberon Ltd has found a solution and designed the Vacuderm, the world’s only patented vein inflator and tourniquet, with a dome which is designed to pump and inflate the vein to make cannulation easier. It is a single-use smart tourniquet for cases of difficult veins. Its key feature, the dome, when pumped, creates a suction vacuum effect to make the vein more inflated, tenser, and more readily amenable to venous access. When the Vacuderm’s dome is pumped several times, it enhances the tourniquet effect by producing a negative pressure and delivering more blood into the vein intended for cannulation. This causes the veins to become pronounced and better prepped for the procedure, increasing the probability of success, reducing the chances of failed cannulations, and helping patients and practitioners in the process.

Benefits of the Vacuderm:

· The Vacuderm has been designed to help practitioners improve their technique and confidence by improving preparation of difficult to access veins, to reduce the number of patients being cannulated multiple times unsuccessfully.

· Single-use tourniquet that allows easy tightening, loosening and release when needed due to its unique release buckle mechanism.

· Simple and easy-to-use with a soft and comfortable strap that grips the patient’s arm to occlude the vein comfortably, without pinching, due to its unique and patented curved ladder design.

· Designed for difficult to find veins, the Vacuderm aims to reduce the risk of infection and improve vein palpability, for example, for patients with dark skin or small veins.

· Designed to reduce wastage, cost, and time for hospitals and limit the amount of stress and anxiety for patients and practitioners.

· The Vacuderm has been created for nurses and junior doctors for cannulation and drug delivery procedures in Oncology, Cancer, A&E, CT, MRI, Endoscopy, and blood collection departments.

Many nurses are now using them and have seen the advantages of using the Vacuderm, one of them says: “We found them to be very useful. The patient said the tourniquet was comfortable to have on and it is extremely easy to release when needed”.

Sarah Phillips, a leading nurse trainer from Vein Train Ltd said: “I like the device because it is a simple way to bring up the veins. I introduce it to customers during courses and have had excellent responses. It never fails, as the strap is so strong it doesn’t risk snapping (many do), yet it grips the arm without pinching. This is such a fantastic product because it is so simple and effective to an excellent level”.

For samples or more information please email or call +44 (0)115 8022025

*30% Adult failure rate, 50% Children’s failure rate:

Helm et al (2019), “Accepted but Unacceptable: Peripheral IV Catheter Failure”. J Infus Nurs. 2019 May/Jun; 42(3):151-164


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