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The Vacuderm™

The World's only patented vein inflator and tourniquet. The Vacuderm is a single-use tourniquet, incorporating a dome which creates a negative pressure to distend the vein local to the intravenous access site. Designed to aid intravenous needle insertion for cannulation, blood collection and drug delivery.


  • Assists practitioners to improve their success rate in first attempt venous access.

  • For Intravenous Cannulation and Phlebotomy.

  • The Vacuderm™ is a quick-release, disposable tourniquet.

  • Optimising venous access.

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The Vacuderm’s key feature is a vacuum pump that amplifies its tourniquet effect through a suction and pump mechanism which makes the vein more tense and easier to achieve venous access, be it with an IV catheter or a blood sampling kit.


  • The Vacuderm is designed to assist healthcare professionals in improving their technique and confidence by improved preparation of difficult to access veins

  • Better experience for the patient, where the patient may be identified as having poor veins the Vacuderm should be used to enhance preparation of the vein by further filling of the targeted vein.

  • Vacuderm will be useful in various hospital departments, phlebotomy clinics and home-care nurses.

  • Vacuderm is a pain saving, cost saving, time saving, quick release disposable tourniquet. In A&E where time is of the essence, it may also be life-saving.

  • Vacuderm is a patented class 1, single-use medical device and latex free.


To view an animated version on how best to use the Vacuderm and improve your success rate in venous access, click here


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