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New solution for failed IV insertions

A recent article in a leading Australian newspaper highlighted the problems of failure with IV insertions at cannulation, suggesting ultrasound as a potential solution.

Cannulation in both adults and children is a huge ongoing issue which implicates large costs on the NHS, not to mention the suffering and stress encountered by the patients. Ultrasound can help with identifying veins but won’t necessarily help with making the vein larger to cannulate.

Olberon Ltd, as one of the UK’s leading medical innovation companies, has identified this issue and developed products which are designed specifically for patients that are hard to cannulate. The Vacuderm is a smart tourniquet which uses a pumping dome to create negative pressure and enable the veins to fill easily, assisting practitioners to improve their success rate in first attempt venous access. This decreases the risk of anxiety within patients as well as being highly cost effective for the healthcare industry.

Olberon has also developed a child’s version of the Vacuderm. Vacuderm for kids is a single patient children's tourniquet designed for the child to 'assist' the procedure and pump the dome. Cannulating a child is highly problematic, often requiring several medical staff and sometimes multiple attempts. This new device is designed to help improve success rates of first attempt venous access and is available with a child friendly turtle and a hedgehog design.

In a recently published trial, The Vacuderm is shown to increase the vein diameter via the pumping by an additional 30% (with cross sectional area increase of 60%) so making the veins more amenable to successful cannula (1).

Please visit our website to find out more plus how to purchase the Vacuderm or Vacuderm for Kids

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