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Olberon Ltd, a medical device innovation company based in Nottingham, has recently appointed TB Medex SAS as their Affiliate Partner MEA.

This is the first appointment as part of Olberon’s ambitious global growth programme, for its unique portfolio of products which includes the Otorhinoscope and the Vacuderm.

CEO, Dr Arash Bakhtyari explained ‘We are very pleased to have agreed terms with TB Medex SAS who are renowned in the MEA region for rapidly creating brand market leaders in their categories. This is the first appointment among many globally we hope to complete this year with two of our unique products developed by ourselves here in Nottingham.”

The VACUDERM, is a single-use tourniquet for difficult to reach veins with a unique suction and pump mechanism to aid further filling of the veins. It has been designed to aid intravenous needle insertion for cannulation, blood collection and drug delivery. A version for children is currently being developed to distract them and encourage them to ‘assist’ the procedure by pumping the dome.

The OTORHINOSCOPE, is a handheld diagnostic device for both ear and nasal cavities for essential examination, with a unique dual-purpose expandable single-use speculum.

Olberon was set up in 2005 in the UK and have accomplished a strong portfolio of in-house patented medical innovations, two medical devices that are market ready from concept to commercialisation, as well as offering consultancy services to both the NHS and the wider medical device market.

TBMedex SAS is a professional organisation that assists medical companies in developing their brands in the MEA region. TBMedex SAS represents renowned international companies and has helped medical manufacturers in exporting to more than 20 markets in the MEA Region, and rapidly creating brand market leaders in their categories. Their services include: Regional Distribution, Distributor Search & Selection, Market Research, Contract Negotiating & Facilitating, Sales Strategy Development & Implementation.

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