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Infrared imaging uses temperature to explore increased vein visibility when using the Vacuderm™

There have been many tests carried out to ensure the benefits of the Vacuderm have been design to work effectively and in a reliable way, such as using test rigs and material exploration. The most recent investigation of the efficacy of the Vacuderm has been trialled

at Nottingham Trent University by PhD student Mrs. Maryam Asrar, along with her supervisor; Professor Amin Al-Habaibeh

Arm without Vacuderm applied vs. Arm with Vacuderm (Above)

The investigators began the experiement by used infrared imaging to test the visibility veins using the Vacuderm. The images below show the FLIR E25 thermal camera capturing infrared imaging of a subject’s veins after cold stimulation (Emphasises the visibility of warmer veins), applying the Vacuderm tourniquet and placing it under the FLIR E25 camera.

The temperature map above indicates the results of the investigation. Each peak on the temperature map represents the temperature of of the veins. As shown, without the Vacuderm the lower temperature red peaks indicates lower temperature in the vein, whereas with the Vacuderm being pumped the yellow peaks indicate a higher temperature in the veins because more blood has been drawn into the vein by pumping. This also results in more visible veins by IR imaging.

Infrared images comparing the vein visibility to IR imaging before and after pumping Vacuderm tourniquet after cold stimulation to decrease the temperature of the adjacent tissues to look at the effect on veins. Through pumping of the Vacuderm after application of the tourniquet,there is enhancement of the visualization of the veins because pumping will pull more blood into the veins.

In conclusion, the test results are useful evidence of vein distention and increased visibility through the pumping of the dome as it increases the temperature of the vein, consequently enhancing the visibility of the vein through the skin. The Vacuderm is currently available to purchase (Contact us at if you are interested) is also being tested with clinical trialling in collaboration with the Royal Derby Hospital, Derbyshire.

If you would like to learn more about the Vacuderm, please follow this link with more information about the product.

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