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We are Olberon, a research, development and design company seeking to apply technological advances to the field of patient care

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Our key values are; reliability, improving patient experience & useful innovation.


Olberon Ltd, are a medical innovations design and development company based in Nottingham, UK specialising in venous access and diagnostic devices.


Olberon aims to develop and commercialise innovative medical device concepts that originate from direct experience of patient care. With this approach Olberon are able to design truly useful medical innovations that improve efficiency for the practitioner, provide a better experience for the patient with simple easy to use designs that aid existing medical procedures and reduce costs to the NHS and other health care authorities with improved medical device innovations.


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A smart vein inflator & tourniquet for difficult to reach veins, with unique suction and pump mechanism to aid further filling of the veins. Read more...


A children's smart vein inflator & tourniquet for difficult to reach veins, designed for the child to "assist" the procedure and pump the dome. Read more...


The Olberon V-Stretch™ is a new, standard tourniquet, designed by medical professionals for maximum comfort and ease of use. Read more...

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