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The Otorhinoscope™

A dual-purpose, handheld device – the brand new Otorhinoscope™ adds another dimension to the traditional Otoscope and Rhinoscope for use in general practice ear and nasal examinations.

Using a patented expandable speculum, the Otorhinoscope™ is the essential examination and diagnostic tool for both the ear and nasal cavities. It is also very helpful for implanting hearing aids.

Traditionally, ear and nose examinations require two mutually exclusive sets of equipment, such as an Otoscope and a Rhinoscope. The Otorhinoscope™ removes the need for multiple set-ups with its built in light and disposable, spreadable speculum.

The instrument has been designed to:


  • Improve pathology detection and cure - the spreadable speculum allows monitored dilation of the aural and nasal passages

  • Increase hygiene - the patented speculum is disposable, removing the need for sterilisation and minimising the potential infection control issues associated with traditional scopes of an ear or nasal exam

  • Provide value for money - instead of requiring numerous Otoscope parts and a separate Rhinoscope/Nasocope, the Otorhinoscope™ has an inbuilt light and a single-use spreadable speculum,  and so reduces the need for multiple instruments

  • Allow simple operation – being easy to use, the Otorhinoscope™ is equally suitable for GPs and ENT specialists to conduct ear and nasal examinations​



The Otorhinoscope™ replaces the requirement for a separate otoscope or auroscope/auriscope, and a rhinoscope or nasoscope for examinations of the nose and ear.

Click here to see our Otorhinoscope™ brochure.

To purchase and/or make an enquiry please call +44 (0)115 8022 025 or email

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